Friday, February 29, 2008

Footnote on Sara Groves

Thanks for all the great comments on my previous post on Sara Groves' music. Here are a couple of highlights:

From Linda: what am I doing for Jesus? I only get one life ... we all have a specific purpose ... what if I miss mine? Or have I missed something already? This is all causing much introspection and re-evaluation of where I am headed and what I am being called to do ...

From Beth: I am speechless. I heard the song on the radio this morning and the interview with Sarah, but the faces of those children in the video are what captured me. In 2006 my husband and I adopted three siblings, through the state. I can see their faces and their pain in the faces of those children. Makes me want to go to Rwanda and bring home 10 more.

From Anonymous: I am going through a heart-wrenching struggle with an upcoming divorce and the hurt and anger that I feel has been overshadowing my hope that the Lord can use this to make me stronger and allow me to minister to others. Thank you for bringing out the meaning of this song for me.

These moving comments are a pretty good illustration of why I wanted to share Sara's record in the first place. So, here are a couple of extras links for you:

- Hear more Sara Groves on mySpace music.
- Listen to this blog-exclusive excerpt from our radio interview. (Sara talks about "spiritual buffalos.")
- Link to our audio highlights from The Morning Cruise.
- Buy the CD or DVD, Tell Me What You Know. Buy the record - you can't experience the whole thing with a download.

Last note: Other than "I Saw What I Saw," my favorite songs from Tell Me What You Know will probably never be heard on radio (that's just the nature of the beast):

Track 6 - "Honesty"
Track 7 - "Abstraction"


Anonymous said...

Hey Bill, I do really enjoy the Mornin' Cruise show on the Radio. My family and I listen to The Joy FM a majority of the time. Thanks for all that you, and Dave, and Connie (Carmen) do to brighten our days and point us toward a more godly walk. The Spiritual Buffalos segment by Sara Groves was "spot-on" and helped me take a closer look at my own life and challenged me in several areas of my life. Thanks for your efforts in the advancement of blogging. :-) You do such a good job with it, maybe you can help Dave get his blog header working, so he can end his boycott. :-) Oh, and if Carmen has a 4-pack of tickets to the Booming Beyond Measure tour handy that you could give away for her, I would gladly accept them. :-) HAGD, Rick

Anonymous said...

Bill,I listen to the Mornin'Cruise every day during my commute to work and i have to say "Thank you" Listening, brings me a great deal of peace and many times reassuring strengt. When i heard the lyrics of Sara Grove's song "I saw what I saw" it brought me to tears. You see, I travel to Nicaragua - Central America every year and she describes the very emotions i felt during my first trip. I fell in love w/ Jesus 18yrs ago but it wasn't 'till that first trip, that i said: "Lord, I get it" those people had so little but their hope was wrapped in holy fire, they had so many ways of pain, but yet no fear! it's an amazing feeling to hear more and more people are having this type of encounters, let me tell you, my life has never been the same and at the moment, i'm going thru some personal struggles (my mom was diagnosed w/ breast cancer, she was in remission and now...a brain tumor showed ) but you know what....this pain has no hold on my faith, My Lord is awesome and powerful, and I thank you for reminding me that when we love Jesus, he always finds a way to stay close,,thru a face, a praise report or simply a memory. Thank you for sharing her courage will remain, i will fear nothing. Blessings to you all,
something to share:Romans 12:12 :-)

Anonymous said...

Why do you advocate buying the CD as opposed to downloading the music? Just curious what the benefit is... Thanks

Bill Martin said...

Good question from Tony, and here's the answer: first, I prefer CDs. The tangibility of a CD, the cover art, linter note and lyrics, all together with the music, are things I personally like. Probably a generational thing.

Secondly, however, being in the industry myself, I know that the purchase of a CD helps the artist more than a download. Profits have taken an initial hit from dropoff in CD sales.

Add to that another asthetic preference: one tends to listen to CDs more like a whole work with 12 "movements" rather than the random access downloads provide. That's my reasoning, largely subjective, but worth considering nonetheless.