Monday, March 24, 2008


Carmen has me doing some homework. I'm trying to finish the informative and insightful book by my friend, Lou Markos (From Achilles to Christ) and work my way through a new critique of "The New Atheists" by David Aikman (The Delusion of Disbelief). That seems like enough. But then Carmen comes in this morning having spent time Easter weekend watching Oprah's Big Give and talking with a friend about Oprah's increasing role in women's lives as guru and priestess. Carmen feels a personal responsibility to respond as a Christian woman with a public platform. I'm all for it. But until today, I didn't know much about Oprah's role in promoting ideas, books and personalities best described as sources for learning New Age spirituality. Thus, the work begins.

Since we are talking about it this week, I spent much of the day Monday getting up to speed on Oprah, her spiritual advisors and influences, Marianne Williamson, the XM radio daily "devotion" in A Course in Miracles, etc. I'm tired now, and I need to go to bed. I'll try to find time to keep up my philosophy studies and develop course ideas for the intellectual history of Christianity (important, not urgent stuff). I'll try to squeeze in book three in the Pullman trilogy, and I'll keep researching Oprah so I can be a good depth commentator when Carmen needs one. Hopefully, the effort will be worth it: to help people discern without bashing, so they can reply to friends and family with skill, gentleness and respect (1 Peter 3:15).


christianwhosenameisamy said...

Good Morning! I was just wondering, after you research Oprah, will you give your sources on here or on the radio? I'm curious because I'd like to learn more about her as well and I'd love to have suggestions on what to read. Thanks! -Amy G.

C. Allyn said...

No wonder you are tired after getting up so early to lead the music for us on the Sunday sunrise service at Cornerstone.
My husband I am have just started attending this church and this was our first Easter service in the US since moving here from Canada. We were really encouraged by the songs you chose and I especially liked how you asked us to quietly take in God's creation all around us. Thanks for all the hard work.
As for Oprah, well I used to watch her show every now and then. I really do not like how she peddles her brand of religion to all the millions of people who tune into her show. As I said in Carmens blog, we must, as Christians spend time in our Bible so that we can distinguish the difference between light and darkness.

christianwhosenameisamy said...

Sorry to leave two messages, but after reading your blog, Carmen's blog, and the website that contains all of that blasphemy I was pretty upset so I sent out emails to people from my church and everyone I know on facebook. I received a response from my preacher which included this expose'. I figured it might help with your research.

Good Luck, and God Bless.