Friday, January 11, 2008

A Tough Assignment

I am the world’s worst blogger.

Not sure if I’m willing to wear the title yet, but I’m in serious competition. First I ask people to “visit often” and leave comments. Then I post this thing about Pullman and the death of “God” in His Dark Materials – something many of my readers probably don’t care a whit about (but I do, so expect more of it). Then I leave it up for weeks. Geesh.

I guess I’ve figured out that I want this blog to be about four things: inspiration, information, cogitation and imagination. Each of these –ations comes to me somewhat unpredictably, and I want my blog to reflect that.

Okay, so I’ve missed some pretty good information/inspiration right? This last weekend I had the “assignment” of picking up Brandon Heath at the airport and entertaining him a bit. He wanted to meet the kids, so we took him home for a Wii tournament (man, I should blog on the Wii gaming system – it has breathed life into Martin family time). Madison destroyed him in bowling. In fact, all the kids beat him except Payton, who got taken down after four rounds boxing. Brandon’s claim to fame: his k-o of the four year old.

Then it was off to dinner (tuna, rare!) and on the show the next morning (go to The Morning Cruise site and click on As HEARD, Monday, 1.6.08 if you want to hear highlights). After the show, a really difficult part of my “assignment”: I was supposed to take Brandon sightseeing on my boat. Can you believe the hardship?

So, we launched in the bay and grabbed dockside lunch at one of our favorite haunts, rendezvousing with our buddy and Summer Cruise companion, G.T. Between Brandon, Dan Brodie and G.T., I don’t think we’ll be invited back to that particular establishment.

Dave Cruse, G.T., and Brodie had to leave (congrats on the LSU win, Dave), so that left a couple of hours to treat Brandon to some of our fine saltwater fishing here on the Gulf coast of Florida. I just happened to have two rigged spinning reels aboard, and a guy at the docks supplied us with a few live shrimp. I let Brandon drive the boat, and we ran to one of my favorite flats/channel spots. No hookups. Water temperature was a negative factor, but that didn’t stop a friendly competition from heating up, where Carmen just HAD to catch the first fish. We moved to a deep water cove and she did.

The fish was tiny, but its tale was huge. In fact, Carmen told the tale and posted a picture on our webpage. Brandon had been bested and he knew it. We packed up the poles and ran out into the Gulf to catch a truly beautiful sunset. Intense. Can God ever paint!

I have to be honest. This was no “assignment.” Brandon has become a friend, and spending a day with such friends as he, my wife, G.T., Carmen, Cruse and Brodie is no chore. This is the place where labor and love come together. We did more than supply an artist with a great P.R. trip, we made a memory with friends.

I wish we could share more such times with artists, listeners and colleagues. There is something very humanizing about play, nature and good meals. It reminded me of the reason Jesus chose a few fishermen for disciples, reclined at the table with them and enjoyed their fellowship.


Carmen said...

Bill, thank you so much for facilitating the trip that allowed me to catch a 7ft bullshark. I'm forever indebted.

Susan said...

I love this story! I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed the Pullman post. It was one I needed to read. So I look forward to future -ations from you.



S Himes said...

Bill, I'm thankful for your blogs. The one about Pullman was a good one for me to read and it's made me thought about how I think about other things in my life - especially when others bandwagon.

And another thing, at least I can read your blog - Dave's doesn't have anything on it and yet he doesn't take any heat for it.

Well, I look forward to your next blog

Be Blessed,
S Himes

My name was supposed to be in this spot said...

have you seen the "Wizard of ha's"
(by veggie tales) yet?

Susan Rawls said...

Bill, I'm not a blogger either. I just wanted to take a moment and say what an encouragement you, Dave and Carmen have been to me. Every time I get in my van the radio is set to JoyFM. The morning ride to work is so much fun. I have often laughed all the way to work listening to your stories. I love to laugh so this suits me just fine. I have also been blessed in the prayer times.
Thank you for allowing God to work through you.

Anonymous said...

Bill - I too hate when I take lots of time to post a blog and no one comments! So here you go - you guys rock, Carmen is amazing and I cannot imagine my day without the JoyFM. It never ceases to amaze me how you talk about things I need to hear or play a song I need to hear just at the right time. God is good.

S Himes said...

Bill I can only read so much about Pullman and the "fish"y story before I yearn for the latest and greatest from you.

So I hope the next time I log in (Friday), there will be another wonderful journey of a blog from you!

If not, I'll be ok - thanks for all you guys do on the JOY FM!

Scott said...

Thanks for the shout out this morning Bill. Although I have to give Andrea all the credit for the Scott, Andrea and Connor blog.

Nancy said...

Bill, you and the entire "morning cruise gang" are a huge blessing to my life! I drive from Spring Hill to Tampa every morning to work and tune in the moment I get into my car. The Devotionals are so awesomely inspiring and have ministered to my life inmensely! Your post on Pullman just confirms what God has put in my heart to host in my home, small dinner invitations to visitors that come to our church. It is a blessing to them to be invited over, share, sing, eat, laugh and fellowship as it is to my husband and myself! God bless you always!

Donika said...

Bill, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed reading this blog entry and your other blog entries. I was able to catch the morning cruise in its entirety on Jan. 7th. I don't normally get to due to my job, but it was great listening to you, Dave, Carmen, and Brandon having a great time together on air. I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share with us on the air and through your blog.